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To step inside and walk around Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia, Breathtaking!

Inner Voices --Project Summary:
Our goal as educators is to enrich our students’ lives while fostering our students’ sense of self and individuality through the creation of art. Students see how their own culture, experiences and environments can aide them in finding their own voice in creating art, where art is not always beautiful but can lead to questions and expressions of themselves.
We desired to better understand the unconventional artists of the Catalan region of Spain and France. Our fellowship took us on a two-week journey, broadening our understanding of how the artists Gaudi, Dali, Matisse and Picasso were inspired and influenced by their culture and environment. We were enthralled by Gaudi’s images of seashells, reptiles and sea turtles sculpted in the façade of the Sagrada Familia, representing his love and influence of the Mediterranean Sea. We explored rock formations along the Spanish coastline where Dali found his inspiration for his landscapes and incorporated images of these forms in a majority of his works. We swam in the invigorating water of the sea under the blue skies of Collioure where many of the fauves came to paint their seaside views. We walked Ceret's avenues, where Picasso lived and realized the profound influence of bull fighting so popular to this region immortalized in his ceramics as well in the work of present day artists. During our fellowship we met, formed relationships, learned from and worked beside artists of the Catalan region. We discovered what inspired them and found what inspired us. Our wish was granted and now we bring our experiences back to share.

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Lesson Plan: Dali inspired Butterfly Ship.. Departure of Winged Ship by- Vladimir Kush

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Congratulations to Lauren Fowler Alabama’s newest Elementary Art Educator of the Year!

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