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The Cliffs of Moher are just one small reason why Ireland is so beautiful. 

Lauren Burney  in Ireland

Promoting Human Rights & Social Justice--Project Summary:
Spending a month in Ireland and the United Kingdom was magical. We experienced several life changing moments during our fellowship that will impact us not only as individuals, but as professionals as well. From the time we arrived until the time we left, we immersed ourselves in the local cultures. We explored, we saw manmade and natural wonders, and we forged new friendships that we believe will stand the test of time.

When began our journey with a stop in Dublin. While there, we learned about Ireland's violent past and the struggles Irish citizens endured while fighting for their independence. We also discovered that independence wasn't the answer to all of Ireland's problems. With independence, Ireland was split in two: The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Throughout the rest of our Irish journey, we witnessed firsthand the divisions that are still taking place in Ireland today. In Northern Ireland, schools and neighborhood are segregated according to religion. In the past decades, Ireland has been plagued by violent, and often deadly, outbursts featuring people fighting for equality and liberty. It was an eye-opening experience and a stark reminder that hatred and segregation do still exist.

After leaving Ireland, we visited London to experience all of the wonderful cultural variety this magnificent city has to offer. Historical walking tours, the Jewish Museum of London, war memorials and museums, and theatrical performances all combined to make our trip to London one we will never forget.




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