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Amy and Jill with Ginny Dowd~ELA and Children's Literature/Write to the Core

Viva Las Vegas with SDE and FFT!!! --Project Summary:
Our fellowship during the summer of 2014 allowed us to experience Staff Development for Educator's National "I Teach 1st" conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at the conference, we were able to learn from top first grade experts. We collected strategies and resources that will transform our instruction.
Our ultimate goal in terms of this fellowship was to become better equipped to effectively deliver reading and mathematics instruction which adheres to the rigorous College and Career Ready Standards. In addition, we hoped to gain a deeper understanding of the standards' intended outcomes for students and to use this new knowledge to increase student performance in our classrooms.
Our first session of the conference was presented by Lynne Ecenbarger. She has dedicated her career to empowering students by improving literacy and math skills. She has consulted with over 700 schools throughout the nation. During her session at the conference ("Differentiating Common Core State Standards"), she presented us with strategies for tiering specific standards. As the conference progressed, we became further energized, and the networking opportunities were endless. Deserving of special mention are the following sessions we attended: Pat Pavelka's "Top Strategies You Need in Your Common Core Teaching Repertoire," Donna Whyte's "Revving Up for Change: Understanding the ELA Anchor Standards," Ginny Dowd's "ELA and Children's Lterature," and "Write to the Core," as well as Rachelle Smith's "Shhh! Independent Journal Writers at Work."


I Teach 1st 

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