Springville High/St. Clair County Schools

Study room at the library. Went there to process notes from the conference

Operation Techno Integration--Project Summary:
For my fellowship, I traveled to Boston, MA to attend Campus Technology 2014. I set off to explore tools, strategies, and innovations related to cutting-edge technologies that would enable me to foster achievement of the 21st century learners in my school and teach the teachers in my school to enhance their classrooms with the use of technology. I was inspired to attend because of the lack of true technology integration taking place at my school. At the conference, there were over 100 workshops to choose from, and I chose to attend those that would hone in on what I was trying to accomplish. In addition to all the sessions I attended, I visited the exhibit hall where hundreds of companies were demonstrating new technology devices for classroom use. I even won a brand new document camera for my school. The most influential session I attended was "Flipped Classroom: Social, Connected, and Personalized." The flipped classroom is taking the current classroom setup and flipping it on its head. The number one component needed for a flipped classroom is technology and hands-on activities. My most important key question, "What technology can make classrooms conducive to the skills students need?” was answered in this session. Our students are accustomed to technology out of school. They are always socially connected via technology, and we should use this to teach them at school to keep them interested and engaged. My goal is to train the faculty and work collaboratively with them throughout the process. I am truly inspired to start flipping the classrooms at SHS!

Fellowship presentation

Fellowship flyer

Sample student work digital book--movie trailer

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