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Immersive Tech Training at ISTE --Project Summary:
This summer, I attended the 2014 ISTE Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. ISTE offers the most comprehensive exposure to the latest technology tools, resources, experts, and strategies in educational technology. When I reviewed the conference schedule, I knew that I would be able to immerse myself in the experiences I want to bring back to my school this fall, including Makerspaces, coding and programming, BYOT, and how to be a better technology coach. 

I arrived in Atlanta the day before the official ISTE conference began so that I could attend the Hack Education and Mobile Megashare workshops. Connections made and lessons learned on this day set the tone for spending the time in meaningful conversations and exploring tools and resources in a thoughtful, thorough manner. 

Over the next 4 days, I revisited and expanded on many of those initial conversations about emerging technology and connecting with thought leaders as I attended poster sessions, roundtable discussions, vendor hall demonstrations, workshops, playgrounds, and birds of a feather events. While I may have been able to learn about some of these strategies from online webinars, the access to the individuals, including students and teachers involved with implementing these strategies was priceless. I gained a much better insight into best practices and have several new friends and mentors to share ideas, challenges, and successes with.


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