Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School/Montgomery Public Schools

With Tibetan monks in Pingliang, Gansu

Project Summary:
During Summer 2013 I engaged in a two part fellowship made possible through the support of Fund For Teachers. I first travelled along the ancient Hexi Corridor of northwest China's Silk Road from Yinchuan, Ningxia to Linxia, Gansu. Along the way I visited ancient Daoist and Buddhist sites of pilgrimage where I saw more than a millennium of China's art history. With a combination of video camera and photography I was able to document this artistic tradition for use in educating my student's about this important aspect of China's cultural history. I had an opportunity to make new friends and understand the nature of daily life in this relatively remote and lesser visited region of China. The Hexi Corridor is a fascinating mix of Han Chinese, Hui Muslim and Tibetan cultures. I next travelled a stretch of the old Tea and Silk Road running northwards through Yunnan Province from Kunming to the ancient Yunnan garrison town of Zhaotong, along the border with Guizhou. The contrast between the arid and sparse northwest and verdant southwest was striking and reinforced what I have been teaching my students about the nature and diversity of Chinese geography. 
After completing a four week trip through these two regions I arrived at Nanjing University to undertake a one month fellowship studying Chinese language and pedagogy . I completed more than 80 hours of intensive graduate Chinese language study with a group of other teachers for various parts of the United States.

Website:  arts and culture of southwest china

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