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At the Hafelekar Summit where I saw snow in July.

No Kangaroos in Austria: What I Found There Instead --Project Summary:
My travels to Austria lasted for eighteen days and spanned four Austrian cities, three artistic masters, two unique urban neighborhoods, and one Alpine peak. That is just the beginning of the incredible collection of sights, sounds, and flavors that I came across while taking part in an international workshop for German teachers titled, "A Cross-Section of Austria: from East to West."
My journey began in Vienna. I spent a week in Austria's capital visiting several thought-provoking and inspiring museums, buildings, gardens, coffeehouses, and neighborhoods, discussing with experts about Austria's ethnic and linguistic diversity and literary history, and interviewing residents of Vienna's Leopoldstadt. 
Following Vienna, I traveled to Graz. Graz was the city where I had several hands-on experiences with Austrian culture. I made three traditional dishes with an Austrian pastry chef. I worked to create a radio program about one of Graz's neighborhoods. I searched for the perfect example of traditional Austrian clothing. 
On my way to Innsbruck, my final destination, I also visited Admont, location of the world's largest monastery library and Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart. In Innsbruck, the focus of the workshop shifted to music, regional identity, and teaching strategies and resources. One evening, I went to an open-air concert in the Royal Courtyard. On the very last day, as a unforgettable finale to the journey, I ascended 7658 ft to the Hafelekar summit. 
I look forward to taking all of these impressions and memories back into my classroom.

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