Saraland Middle School/Saraland City Schools

Differentiated Instruction Conference...Here We Come!

What happened in Vegas WILL make a difference. --Project Summary:
Our group of teachers traveled from Saraland, Alabama to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the 2013 National Differentiated Instruction Conference. As teachers devoted to a life-long commitment of learning, we felt challenged to “raise the bar” and deepen our knowledge to close the academic gaps in the performance of our school’s demographic subgroups. As stated in our proposal, we want to move from “good to great!” 
Since becoming a new school system, Saraland City Schools has experienced a great influx of new students enrolling each year. This increased growth of our student population has presented a need to impact students’ varying ability levels of learning. 
During our visit, we attended many workshops and classes. There were a wide variety of classes to attend. A group favorite was the class presented by the renowned speakers Harry and Rosemary Wong. Conference topics included learning how to incorporate technology, such as the iPad, incorporating music into classroom activities, and implementing a “flipped” classroom. There were also workshops presented for specific subject areas like reading, math, and social studies. So, by learning from the experts, we filled up our teacher toolkits with the most innovative and effective differentiated instructional strategies and best practices and then shared these with our colleagues and encouraged them to incorporate these techniques into student learning. 
Our mission is to be “agents of change”—to recognize the importance of student diversity. Our passion is to inspire learning and help students succeed


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