C.L. Scarborough Middle School/Mobile County Schools

So many vendors, so little time.

Texas Tech--Project Summary:
My passion for learning for both me and my students was the driving force behind my desire to attend the ISTE National Conference in San Antonio, TX. Like most things in life I learned far more than I thought I would, not only about myself, but about how my students can learn. My goal is to have my students become college and career ready with 21st century skills and knowledge. Bridging the gap between the rich and poor and the regular and special needs students is my primary focus.

Personal and Professional Growth:
I will not say I learned more than I thought I would at the conference, but I will say that I learned differently than I thought I would. The immense size of the ISTE conference was quite overwhelming. I thought I had done an excellent job planning. However, as with most things in life ,things did not go as I had planned. I learned very early on in the conference that I had a major decision to make: Did I want to know a little about a lot of things, or did I want to know a lot about a few things? I chose the latter. As it has been quite a while since I have been a student, I felt for the first time as my students must feel when confronted with a daunting task. So many of them surrender. I knew I would not do that. I decided to focus on sessions that would increase student engagement for both special education and regular education students. This worked out well since the average reading level of my students (regular and special education) is only 3.4. Concentrating on sessions that addressed the needs of special education students was the best way to address the needs of all my students.
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