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In front of the Debod Temple

Enhancing Spanish Language Communication Skills in Madrid, Spain --Project Summary:
This summer I participated in a month-long intensive Spanish language program at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain to enhance my Spanish language communication skills and facilitate an inclusive and welcoming school environment for language minority students in my school district. Over the course of the month-long training, I took applied linguistics, reading, and writing classes. Learning a new language is all about interaction. Consequently, I opted to live with a host family in Madrid and communicate as much as possible with locals to fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture and language. “La calle” (the streetlife) in Madrid is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the city. Each day after classes I would take long walking tours to explore the historic streets of Madrid with its renowned plazas (Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España etc.), tapa and flamenco restaurants, open markets, bookstores, art galleries and lively terrace ambiance. I visited world-renowned art museums and palaces such as The Royal Palace, The Prado Museum, and The Reina Sofía Museum (where I saw Picasso's Guernica and the surrealist collections of the Spanish masters - Miró and Dalí). I admired Madrid’s monuments - Puerta de Alcalá Arch, the Cibeles Fountain, the Cervantes Monument, the Debod Temple, and many grand and refreshing parks such as The Retiro Park and The West Park. 
In addition to improving my Spanish language skills, I spent my weekends in Spain fueling my passion for travel by visiting the major adjacent cities around Madrid - Toledo and Segovia. Thank you Fund for Teachers!


Photos from fellowship

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