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Standing with one of the flag bearers from Landshut's wedding festival. 

WWII: Connecting History to Contemporary World Issues--Project Summary:
Our team traveled to Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Berlin and Munich to study the effects of Nazi aggression, the Holocaust, and post-WWII events on the culture, architecture, and history of Europe. We noted the communist influences in Warsaw and had the opportunity to conduct research at the Jewish Historical Institute’s library. From Warsaw, we made our way to Krakow and the largest concentration camp, Auschwitz. Words cannot describe the impact this one place had on us. The dehumanizing acts of horror that occurred at this one place are simply mindboggling. In Prague, we visited many Jewish synagogues and visited the very well preserved ghetto. At the Jewish Museum in Prague, we examined artwork painted by prisoners at nearby Terezin concentration camp. While in Berlin, we examined German history and Hitler’s rise to power at the Deutches Historical Museum and also visited the museum at Checkpoint Charlie and the Stasi, the political prison of East Germany. We ended our tour in Munich where we visited Dachau and stayed with a host family in a nearby suburb, Landshut. Our experiences on this fellowship allowed us to see first-hand the many places we discuss in our classes and provided the opportunity for us to experience the various cultures that have been defined and created by WWII.

Cultural Study + Historical Events = Global Understanding

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