White Plains Highs School/Calhoun County Schools

Ledet Graphics training on Adobe Creative Suite

E-Publishing--Project Summary:
Though I didn't journey far from home on my fellowship, I believe I actually traveled a long way. My fellowship took me to the city of Atlanta to an authorized Adobe training facility to take classes on creating e-books to use in my teaching. When I wrote my proposal, I had a definite plan in mind to allow myself, my students and my colleagues to create and post e-books online. With the incorporation of our system's Bring Your Own Device initiative, the dwindling amount of money being spent on textbook purchases, and the increased costs of making classroom copies, I saw an opportunity to involve both students and teachers as pioneers in a new and innovative field of learning and stretch classrooms beyond the four walls of the school. As I reflect on my journey through the maze of online publishing, I discovered several things: Some of my goals were lofty; even though I am tech savvy, there would be many stumbling blocks to create online books, and, finally, that my new-found knowledge could take me in a similar, but different direction. The instructors at Ledet Graphics where I took my proposed courses were very knowledgeable in the area of online publishing and made me aware of the pitfalls that I might face on my current course of action. Consequently, though I have abandoned a portion of the e-Books concept for now due to its complexity in actually getting content online, I am inspired because there are other more affordable resources and constructive ways to do so. In fact, the digital natives I teach will embrace these modes of online content delivery more readily.

 ALEX lesson plan:  Christmas Creations

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