Hewitt-Trussville High School and Paine Primary School/Trussville City Schools

YouMedia tour at the Harold Washington Public Library

From Shh to Showtime--Project Summary:
Our team traveled to Chicago, IL to immerse ourselves in the programs and structure of YouMedia in two branches of the Chicago Public Library system, meet with three Librarians from Hinsdale High School to discuss libraries as Learning Commons along with success programs that engage readers, and research Libraries in the 21st Century. We focused on the how they plan based on student's interest, how their physical facilities have been restructured to accommodate production facilities and various activity groups, types of equipment they use, how they market their programs, and what personnel they used to make the program successful. We took many pictures and notes about how the models are functioning and other information to answer our burning questions. Each evening, the team met for several hours to analyze the information along with online resources and develop plans for our district. The information learned while in Chicago is guiding conversations with school leaders and students about information services in our district.

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