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"and then up a great winding stair," Bram Stoker, Dracula

Teachers Seeking the Vampire--Project Summary:
Team TSV (Teachers Seeking the Vampire) began as on its quest to imspire out 8th graders to read. We asked our students, "What do you want to read?" Vampires were the answer! So, our team of 8th grade teachers from Birmingham, Alabama, journeyed to the United Kingdom of Great Britain to research the origins of the vampire in Literature.

We rented a house on the North Sea in Aberdeenshire, the area of Scotland that inspired Bram Stoker and Lord Byron. Team TSV trekked the moors and cliffs near Cruden Bay to find Slains Castle, the inspiration for Dracula's castle. As the mist drifted over the hills, we could almost see Dracula, himself, creeping up the wall of the tower. We visited the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel, where Stoker lived while he wrote, "Dracula" in 1895.

We traveled to Aberdeen to visit the primary school of the mad, bad, and dangerous to know Lord Byron. While on vacation, in 1816, with the Shelly's, they had a writing contest. Lord Byron wrote a poem about vampires, Giaour. Mary Shelly wrote, "Frankenstein"!

After an excursion to Edinburgh, Mr. Howard said, "We have to find a way to bring Deacon Brodie, the inspiration for "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" into our grant!" As we began to brainstorm, our team realized it was not the writers that would excite and promote interest in reading, but the mosters of legend! Off we went in search of more monsters! We traveled Scotland and England collecting local myths and legends. London was a great inspiration! Did we find the vampire? Oh yes, and selkie, kelpie, the banshee, baobhan sith, hauntings, faires, etc.

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