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Preparing to Enter the Show Floor

Reshaping My Classroom for the Future--Project Summary:
Learning is changing dramatically. In the post-Google world, we are immersed in an ocean of raw data. When did the Ming Dynasty end? What is the atomic weight of Berium? We can glean facts from the Internet almost instantly. How we analyze and filter information has always been more important than simple memorization and recall, but today the importance of how we manipulate information is exponentially greater. With the rate of change in Instructional Technology, as an educator I must be agile and looking ahead. As I join more professional organizations and networks of forward thinking educators, it becomes clearer that what seems like a blip on the radar today could facilitate a paradigm shift in the entire field eighteen months from now. As I learn more, I must endeavor to not only see these paradigm shifts approaching, but must ever be cognizant of how they may be leveraged to make my classroom more effective.

This past Summer, to make myself more effective at leveraging technology to make my classroom more engaging and effective I attended the International Society for Technology Education Conference in San Diego. At the conference I was able to tour the show floor and see demonstrations of the tools on the horizon as well as take a myriad of workshops to better implement the technology I was already using. One of the greatest benefits was the networking with other like minded and forward thinking teachers, learning what works for them and what they are looking for in the next few years.

Mark Coleman's Grand Prize Winning 

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Mark Coleman's students participate in APT/PBS's The Address producer  Ken Burns by reciting the Gettysburg Address.

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